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About Me - Martha Venegas

California Favorite's company was establish in 2013, when my husband and I decide to do something for our dog. We have a German shepherd that we love with all our heart. Our dog Barbie has been with us already for 3 years. We notice that she was getting a reaction to the dog treats from the stores. Her skin was turning red and she was so itchy all the time. We notice that it said in the bag made in China and my husband said no more treats from the stores. So we started doing a little bit of dog treats for our dog and it turn out amazing. Our dog Barbie loves her treats so much she is one happy dog. Barbie skin was not red any more and the itchiness when away. Now we are expanding with our company. Our treats that we make are all natural, no artificial colors and no preservatives. Our dog treats are freshly made every week in U.S. and they are 100% real meat and 100% real chicken breast. .

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